Briefing Papers


This series of briefing papers aims to summarise research, guidelines and other evidence for given areas of care with the aim of focusing improvement strategy with the aid of improvement methods and interventions.


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1.0 Prescribing Safety - Bruce Guthrie

2.1 Chronic Pain - Blair Smith

3.1 Managing Multimorbidity - Stewart Mercer

4.1 Patients with 'Medically Unexplained' Physical Symptoms - Chris Burton

5.0 Partnership Working with Pharmacists - Christine Bond

6.1 Long Term Condition Management, the Role of Teleheathcare - Brian McKinstry

7.1 Asthma - Hilary Pinnock

8.0 Care of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Undocumented Migrants - Kate O'Donnell

9.0 Mental Health - Margaret Maxwell

10.3 Palliative and Anticipatory Care - Scott Murray

11.0 Treatment Burden - Frances Mair

12.0 Collaborative Quality Improvement in GP Clusters - Adrian Rohrbasser

13.0 Polypharmacy - Derek Stewart, Marion Bennie, Alpana Mair

14.2 Measuring and Enhancing Empathic, Patient-centred Care - Stewart Mercer

15.0 Evaluation of Primary Care Transformation - Stewart Mercer

16.1 Physical activity participation by adults Gozde Ozakinci

17.0 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - Barbara Nicholl & colleagues

18.1 Advanced Nurse Practitioners - Gaylor Hoskins & Heather Strachan

19.0 Kevin Fernando Personalised Care for people with Type 2 Diabetes

20.0 Remote and rural General Practice in Scotland - John Gillies

21.0 Learning from GPs at the Deep End - David Blane/Graham Watt